Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2008 Cleveland Auto Show

I went to check out the auto show at the IX Center here in Cleveland yesterday. There are some pretty cool designs for prototypes and new sports cars/ muscle cars for 2008. I love to look at these cars and dream of cruising on Route 66 in one, but when it comes down to it there is not much practicality in a car with a huge gas guzzling engine and almost no back seat. You can check out some of the photos I took here

The biggest let down is that none of the auto makers seem to be making any strides to get America off of the gasoline. If fact I saw less ideas there than I have in previous years. What happened to the hydrogen car that GM used to show off? Now they have a prototype crossover that charges over night and will give you only 40 miles of full electric run till you have to charge it again. Doesn't seem to viable to me. I thought there might be some expansion of hybrids in some of the lines. Toyota redesigned the Matrix, they should have made a hybrid version. So, I see that purchasing a new car this year is not going to be an easy thing. With my restrictions of needing a vehicle that I can haul my photo equipment and wanting something that is kinder to the environment. My only hybrid options are the Ford Escape or it's sister the Mercury Mairiner. I'm not a Ford fan. Out of the 5 cars I've owned in my life 2 were Fix Or Repair Daily (FORD). It's looking like I should keep my Matrix and start praying for more options next year. Thanks for reading my rant.

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