Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bill Shea's Route 66

Bill Shea is the owner of a Route 66 Gas station museum and a veteran of Utah Beach, WWII . What makes his place so great is that he is the original owner of this former Marathon Station, he's a real treat to talk with. Bill started his business in 1946 as a Texaco dealer, just down the road from where he presently is located. He showed me all around his collection which includes things like, his Texaco uniform from the way back, much gasoline paraphernalia, a fantastic collection of images of his family and Springfield happenings over the years, set up for easy viewing in an old parts catalog rack. The list goes on, many gas pumps from gravity fed to a rare double headed analog pump. Vintage cash registers, old phone booths, a classic, perfectly working water fountain, antique vending machines... interesting items everywhere you look! Bill even has a second gas station. It was the first style to be constructed of metal. Bill and his family saved it from destruction by moving it down 66 a bit. Make sure that you have plenty of time for your visit, the collection is vast and Bill is willing to tell you all about it! You can find Bill at 2075 Peoria Rd, Springfield, IL 62702. He's closed on Sunday and Monday and when the State Fair is on.

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